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What do DJs and great public speakers have in common?

Mitzvah jordan A good DJ will be a great public speaker. The DJ is actually representing your family – and they should be delivering great messages about your family along with great music. This will be a benefit to your special event if your DJ Emcee is well-versed and can speak well in public. That’s how you know your event will turn into a memorable time for all participants.

It’s no surprise that we are currently living in an attention-deficit culture. Any event or community gathering of people is clearly challenged with people’s attention to their cell phones and not the current happenings around them. A good DeeJay will work with these things and still make it a good event. Activities must be well-planned to bring utilize tons of engagement and interaction, while encouraging participation.

A DJ who is skilled at public speaking will:

  • pay great attention to what is happening in the crowd, and then verbalize in order to interact
  • make direct eye contact with the audience while speaking
  • make creative use of their hands while speaking
  • come up with creative ideas and add variety to the course of the special event

If you are shopping for a DJ or MC, these above become a great basis for questions you can pose to them:

  • How do you attend and interact with an audience and engage the people before you?
  • How do you encourage participation?
  • How do your bring in creativity and variety to an event?
  • And then notice their eye contact skills during a meeting – this will tell you a lot about how they interact with crowds.

DJ Jordan River has entertained thousands of special events over the last two decades. He will be public speaking to other national and international professional DJs at the American DJ convention September 2014, as well as the Mobile Beat Convention in February 2015. He has studied public speaking from Professor James Wagstaff, Civil Attorney at Stanford University.

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Doing Selfies at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs ??


A new hobby that kids are doing these days is selfies taken using their phones. Even Obama got into the act at a recent international event with dignitaries by doing selfies. In the old days (5 or 6 years ago), it used to be disposable cameras. Now, most kids have a cell phone in their pockets.
The Art of Selfie is unique. These pics are often very different types of photos from the photographer on site. Selfies are much more casual and whimsical.
As a suggested activity at a bar/bat mitzvah, the guests can all do selfies with their mobile phones! The DJ/ MC will be a great help to organize and set up the activity. The kids can gather in pairs, and also in groups of three. The MC helps the set up, with everyone getting a partner. Then the bar mitzvah celebrant can travel to each group, and make fun poses! Some of the cutest memories could come out of a fun event like this.
The kids are all very accustomed to taking selfies – it’s second nature to them now. The skillful MC will be naturally be providing moments for this. If you don’t know the term selfie, note the common definition of as “a picture taken of yourself that is planned to be uploaded to Facebook, Myspace or any other social networking website” This link also mentions selfie as “a strange phenomenon in which the photographer is also the subject of the photograph, in a subversive twist on the traditional understanding of the photograph”.
The guests could all post their selfies to their favorite social media, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, or whichever apps they all use often. What a wonderful collection of cherishable photos that can be seen all together! Of course, these posts should be monitored by an adult, so there is no monkey business or hurtful pics to anyone involved. Doing this selfie session may get out of hand if the kids are instructed to do it on their own. The best pics will be collected with the organized effort of the DJ Emcee, making make these special moments happen.
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How to Control 13 year olds at a Special Event

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Everyone wants their special event or party to be exciting! We all want our guests to have a great time and remember those special moments. However, many parties can start to get crazy, especially with the  junior high age.

Controlling wild 13 year olds?

Yeah, right! I’ve done so many events with this age group, and know from experience that these groups can be just on the edge of exploding! If an entertainer or DJ does not know what to do with this age, this might mean TROUBLE! Anything could happen with a young crowd with a lot of energy.

From my many years of experience, it’s all about HOW you control the energy of a special event with young people. I’ve entertained as a DJ / Emcee / Master of Ceremonies at thousands (not hundreds) of events such as dances, simchas, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, weddings and many other fabulous celebrations. Events have evolved, and today’s kids are expecting much more interactivity and a more highly-intense experience so that they can bring home many wild memories and tell their friends.

Super Charged?

Today’s kids require more intensive experience than the old days. They need a much more emotionally-charged event to keep them happy and engaged. What does that mean for the DJ / Emcee? The DJ must know how to bring about such experiences full of energy and intensity, but that things don’t get out of control. A controlled crowd is a good crowd.

Activities each Moment?

Well, no single event will be able to have activities going on each minute at high speed. The DJ / Emcee must bring activity after activity, but will also bring an ebb-and-flow to the event that allows for wild times as well as toning it down during slower moments. There are more extreme moments with high sensory action of lights, sound and dance, and other more special and slower moments for celebrating with the person of honor, all creating lots of memories.

What does this all look like? It’s a good professional use of breaks, moving the crowd from activity session to break and back to activity session and continual engagement. The tempo of the event includes the music tempo as well as how. It all builds up to a bold finale!

If the kids are happy, then the parents will be happy.

Contact me for a great event! http:///

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DJ Packages for Events

Jordan River Productions brings the special touch for every special event. His expertise, personality and energy will help any bride, event planner or host to create the best events.

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